Affordable sports science services for athletes and coaches

We recognise that the cost of accessing fitness testing can be prohibitive for many athletes and coaches, so we have developed a comprehensive range of affordable portable laboratory testing services for athletes of every level.

Combining expert knowledge with the very latest technology, Cartwright Fitness is uniquely positioned to provide athletes and coaches with the specialist services needed to help them improve their performances.

The mobile nature of our lab allows us to bring elite sports science testing to our customers. Equipment is available to rent or hire on a weekly or monthly basis or on specified days and our team of sports scientists will provide in-depth training for your team. Alternatively, you can hire our expert staff’s services for the day.

Customers can lease or hire the complete lab service or specific market-leading products including the Cosmed Fitmate Pro. The list of available products is increasing daily.

Alternatively, the full range of assessments can be performed in our in-house testing laboratory at our Chester office. The assessments on offer include Vo2 max, lactate profiling, body composition analysis, anthropometric profile, race pace capability, resting metabolic weight, explosive power and strength profile.

From a readymade package of assessments to a bespoke solution tailored to your individual needs, Cartwright Fitness can help.

Our range of assessments includes:

VO2 max assessment – the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilise at high-intensity exercise. From this, we can determine your anaerobic threshold, heart rate training zones, energy expenditure and fuel source for a given heart rate.

Lactate Profiling – the point before lactate begins to accumulate in the muscles. We can then determine optimal training intensities based on heart rate. This is an excellent way to monitor improvement and progress in training.

Body Composition– assessment of % body fat, % of fat-free mass (lean tissue/muscle) and target body composition for your sport, fitness and health. Speed, agility and power assessments.

Flexibility, anthropometric measures and a host of assessments that can be tailored to suit your needs

Sports science testing enables athletes and coaches to develop an understanding of the physiological components that contribute to and affect performance. This detailed knowledge can then be used to structure your training and enhance your performances.

To find out more about our lab testing services or discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of the Cartwright Fitness team on 01244 343106.

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