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Are you as fit as you think?

fit as you think

Are you as fit as you think you are?

Finishing your first event such as a marathon can be a thrilling experience but recent research highlights the importance of understanding how fit you are before running. But are you fit as you think?

Runners know that a significant amount of training is needed before attempting longer distances but without scientific testing, it is not possible to know whether you are as fit as you feel.

Canadian researchers measured the aerobic capacity, or the VO2 max, of runners. They discovered that running a marathon can damage the heart of less fit runners.

The study showed that these athletes were more likely to stress one of the 17 segments of the left ventricle.

Although this damage is only temporary, it places greater stress on other parts of your heart. This can lead to more severe occurrences of cardiac injury.

The study leader, Eric Larose, said that Marathon runners could be a lot less fit than they think. It is possible to avoid problems by performing the same VO2 max test as used in the study.

VO2 max testing measures how the body consumes oxygen. It’s considered the best measure of how fit an athlete is. It helps runners understand how fit they are and whether they are ready to attempt a marathon.

We now offer a broad range of physiological assessments, including VO2 max testing.

Our new portable testing lab provides sports science support and services to everyone.


The assessment we offer includes:

  • Blood & Urinalysis Analysis 
  • Lactate profiling
  • Body composition analysis
  • Anthropometric profile
  • Race pace capability
  • Metabolic assessment
  • Explosive power

Our portable lab setup can visit your location or you can lease a range of our equipment on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

To learn more contact us on 01244 343106

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