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Biosignature modulation without calipers

Charles Poliquin is one of the world’s most successful strength coaches. One of his most popular systems is the Biosignature modulation.

BioSignature is a cutting-edge, fat loss and wellness program. The method states that body fat storage could be the result of hormonal imbalances.

For example, excess fat in the umbilical or belly button area could be due to an excess of the hormone cortisol. The system uses skinfold callipers such as Harpenden and 12 sites of measurement.

Each site then corresponds to a hormonal response. Once determined, the practitioner can adapt dietary or supplement changes if needed. It’s a slick system, but I’m no expert, so if you want to learn more visit the official site here.

The formula uses callipers which are sometimes uncomfortable for clients. Without measurement consistency, it can be tricky to gain accurate estimations of fat.

Measurements using callipers can also be anywhere from 1-3 times the fat thickness. The fat thickness is the direct measurement of fat at any given location of the body. Ultrasound can show the actual fat thickness on any part of the body.

Ultrasound also makes measurements easier to take. This is because we average out the fat thickness over each part of the body. The technique means that even those with little training can take accurate measurements.

Ultrasound waves penetrate tissue such as muscle and fat. At these points, reflection occurs at boundaries where they meet. This can be fat and muscle and the muscle and bone barrier too. By using a system like this, we can determine fat thickness, but also muscle thickness too. This is something that wouldn’t be possible with callipers.

The good news is that a Biosignature practitioner doesn’t have to use callipers. No more uncomfortable pinching or pulling at fat. In fact, by using ultrasound, you can get muscle changes too. BodyMetrix is the handheld muscle and fat measurement device employed by Tim Ferris of the 4hr Body. 

I shot a short video on how you can add the BioSignature formula to the BodyMetrix software in a few minutes

Currently, use BodyMetrix? Contact us for the biosignature update.

Not using BodyMetrix yet and would like to learn more you can arrange a demo here.

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