BodyMetrix vs DEXA, Bodpod, BIA, & Calipers

Here are some materials that compare BodyMetrix vs DEXA, BodPod, BIA and Calipers.

Studies have taken place using ultrasound to measure fat and muscle since the ’50s. In fact, ultrasound scanning to regulate body composition in beef cattle has been commonplace for decades.

BodyMetrix uses the same underlying science to produce accurate tissue thickness measurements. Its the most accurate portable way to validate changes in body composition available on the market.

Ultrasound was first used to measure human body composition in the 80’s. Measuring fat thickness is an accurate technique to measure body composition (%BF). The benefit of ultrasound is that you can also measure muscle thickness.

Is BodyMetrix accurate? Here are several studies comparing BodyMetrix vs DEXA, BodPod, Hydrostatic, and Bio-impedance. These studies show good agreement with these more expensive and non-portable systems.

Studies Comparing BodyMetrix to DEXA, Bodpod, Hydrostatic, BIA, and Calipers

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