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Which Powerlung Should I Get?

Respiratory Muscle Training is a program for better breathing. Doing so can benefit individuals with a wide variety of needs. More efficient breathing provides lasting benefits to all types of individuals.

Whether your athletes, musicians, or suffering from respiratory disease. Or even a reduction in lung function due to age and inactivity. Each of these types of users has unique needs and are looking for various levels of training. PowerLung has designed its respiratory muscle training devices to suit everyone.

Each model has a range to accommodate continual improvement in lung function.

PowerLung AireStream

Improved lung function benefits everyone. What benefits can I experience with lung training? For anyone looking for improved health, the AireStream can provide:

You’ll experience Slower and deeper breathing, with regular use of the AireStream trainer. This can lead an individual to better health. For those starting to exercise or learning to play a musical instrument, the Airstream is for you. If you’re recovering from respiratory illness, the AireStream will help improve breath control.

PowerLung BreatheAir

Running has come back in fashion. Today you’ll find people from all walks of life running for basic fitness and enjoyment. For those who have established a fitness program ( yoga, Pilates, or regular jogging). PowerLung BreatheAir model is the perfect training device. Improved breathing enhances your physical capabilities, like:

  • Improved endurance
  • Easier warm-ups
  • Stronger core muscles

For many athletes, the move from shallow to deeper breathing improves performance. A lung training routine with the BreatheAir device strengthens deep breathing. This helps to make each breath more efficient. Musicians can create more profound, more rounded sound after using the PowerLung.

Studies found swimmers using Powerlung before a swim, increased pulmonary function and endurance.

PowerLung Trainer

For those looking to take part in more consistent sports training. Something like running or triathlons, the PowerLung Trainer model is the perfect fit. This device is for those exercising for competition. It can provide that extra push to increase heart rate and improve endurance.

Amateur athletes want the best for out of training time. They search for tools that can make each workout meet their individual fitness needs. The Trainer speeds up to warm up and builds the body’s abilities so recovery faster. With a brief, but practical, training, the Trainer model can boost existing training schedules. Vocalists are looking to reach high notes and hold them find the Trainer a perfect for warm-up routines.

PowerLung Sport

Elite athletes are a unique breed. Already in tune to their body’s physical abilities. A top athlete may be searching for ways to get over the plateau or reach for that next level. The Sport model has the highest levels of resistance. It provides those in top condition with the challenge not found in other models. This makes this the ultimate respiratory muscle training tool! PowerLung Sport use can complement your training schedule.

This model for the ultimate athletic performer. It’s not for musicians or vocalists, or even amateur athletes.

Customisation Options

With each PowerLung model, you can upgrade your device to provide increased resistance. This helps you to reach higher levels of respiratory training. Resistance Cells increase the resistance of your existing Powerlung. This means you don’t have to buy another Powerlung to keep improving. Contact us or more details on resistance cells.

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