Is BodyMetrix Accurate?

In short, YES but lets delve a little deeper. Ultrasound was first used to measure body composition in the 80’s, yet studies and validations have taken place since the 50’s.
Measuring fat thickness is an accurate technique to measure body composition. The benefit of ultrasound is that you can also measure muscle thickness too.
BodyMetrix uses fat and muscle […]

BodPod vs Ultrasound (BodyMetrix)

BodyMetrix SystemYou may have heard of BodPod. It looks a bit like a space shuttle that measures body composition using plethysmography. Plethysmography measures changes in volume within the body using air displacement. It’s a lot like hydrostatic weighing but using air instead of water.A metal cylinder goes into the BodPod to calibrate before a measurement, […]

How to use BodyMetrix

This guide will cover how to use the BodyMetrix, from taking basic measurements, measuring muscle with the scan feature and creating custom client reports.we recommend you watch the following videos. These give an indepth overview of the features of the BodyMetrix system.

Before we move onto the the more detailed features of the system, this video gives […]

Your BodyMetrix Questions Answered

Results from the BodyMetrix is different from my calipers?

That is normal and expected as BodyMetrix measures the actual thickness of both fat and muscle where as skinfold calipers can measure up to 3 times the true fat thickness. This is why we consider BodyMetrix to be more accurate. Do not input the BodyMetrix measurements into […]

The End of BodyMetrix Personal Ultrasound

In the next month or so, the BodyMetrix Personal body fat measurement tool will no longer be available. We are now down to the last few units with very few available worldwide too of this powerful ultrasound deviceThis isn’t a tactical sales strategy to create scarcity and drive more sales, it’s simply the truth. Intelametrix the guys in the US who […]

Why Charlotte Ord chooses BodyMetrix

Charlotte Ord is head trainer at the Godalming gym  and owner of the Ord Academy and coach to the England Women’s Lacrosse Team and trainer on the Hit ITV1 show, The Biggest Loser! She discusses her preferred method of body composition measurement below on recent blog post.Hi ,We all know how important it is for many of our […]