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Custom Health Reports For Clients

Custom Health Reports For Clients

Here is how you can create beautiful branded reports with the click of a button with BodyMetrix. Your clients will love the tangible evidence that validates fat loss in a simple to see format.

You can add your logo, embed payment links, forms and links to upsells your site or facebook page.

Health Reports

Easy to create templates for fat loss, muscle gain, boot camp or even elite athletes. Create personal reports before emailing, printing or saving to file. Email reports direct from the software with the click of a button saving on printing costs and time.

Track health beyond bodyfat with blood pressure and measurement, and other health metrics.


Sample Detailed Report

The four-page report shows the default template. Text and graphics you can change or add text or images to produce the desired message.

Sample Summary Report

Send targeted health information in a one-page report direct from the software.


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