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Designing your heart rate training zones for weight loss

heart rate training zones

Designing your heart rate training zones for weight loss

Heart rate monitors can help with fitness goals and weight loss by giving a unique insight or window into the body.

This introductory guide from Cartwright Fitness will help you calculate your perfect training zone or the ideal average session or weight loss goal.

The right heart rate training zones for weight loss

The most straightforward method for calculating a training zone is to use the estimate of maximum heart rate by deducting your age, in years, from 220.

Estimate of Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Age

Once you have identified an estimate of your maximum heart rate, you can then calculate a percentage of this number to focus the workout on calorie burning or cardiovascular aerobic development.

For example a 30-year-old would minus 30 from 220, giving a safe maximum heart rate to work percentage from, which we will look at below.

There are several methods for determining maximum heart rate and each method has pros and cons. If you would like to know the exact heart rate zones based on your own physiology then take a look at our Vo2 testing services. 

The purpose of determining your maximal heart rate is to then identify the training zone that best fits your fitness objectives.

Heart rate training zones for weight loss fitness improvement

• Zone 1: 50-60% of maximum heart rate

Light exercise. Maintains health, a get fit and active campaign and begins the process of balancing energy in and energy out equation. Also pre-conditioning or training session warm-up and cool-down.

• Zone 2: 60-70% of maximum heart rate

Weight Management. Lose weight and burn fat this is the optimal heart rate training zones for weight loss. Based on the premise that sustained low-intensity effort will on balance use more calories than short high-intensity exercise.

• Zone 3: 70-80% of maximum heart rate

Increase stamina and aerobic endurance. Training at this intensity will stimulate various physiological changes that will increase the aerobic capacity of the individual. Race pace for endurance events lasting longer than 1 hour.

• Zone 4: 80-90% of maximum heart rate

Maintain excellent fitness condition. Training at this intensity will develop speed endurance, physiologically build up lactate acid and develop efficient processes to remove this bi-product of muscular work. Training in this zone is especially important for competing in events that have a duration of 1 minute and 45 minutes.

• Zone 5: 90-100% of maximum heart rate

This zone will help you maintain superb athletic condition for sprinting and other speed power training for explosive maximal speed training.

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