How to guarantee fat loss for clients. No bro science or guesstimations here. Our system creates data, not drama. The results and recommendation we provide come from individual metabolism measurements.

Guarantee Fat Loss for Clients Using The Fat Loss Formula

First off there’s no cost to you, in fact, we pay you. All you do is line up clients for testing at your location. We use tens of thousands of pounds of kit and over 10 years experience so your clients get science-based actionable information to guarantee fat loss.

How it works…

Line up 5 – 10 clients (must be at least 5)
We test them using metabolic analysis and ultrasound kit
You’ll get our system for max fat burn and endurance performance
Each full test takes 60 minutes.
All testing takes place in your facility or gym.

What you get…

What’s the cost?

£120 per client (5 clients per day)

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