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​Health Club Marketing Ideas

​Health Club Marketing Ideas

New Year New You 

That’s the mantra we hear every January and which drives hordes of new members to health clubs and personal trainers.

Prospective new clients want change, they’ve had enough of the current situation but as we all too often know this motivation doesn’t continue long after January for many.

That’s where an active health club marketing strategy focused on client retention comes into play to grow your health club business through fitness marketing.

The question is, how do you keep them coming back month after month? And how do you help your clients attain their goals?

Education Is Key

Clients need to understand that high body fat levels are not just about aesthetics; these high body fat levels are also closely linked to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. By working closely with your clients to set realistic goals that can be measured and tracked over time, body fat and relative disease risk can be minimised.

Relative Disease Risk BodyMetrix Software

What gets measured gets managed. I find it motivating when I track changes to my body composition, especially when its increased regarding fat. This valuable information can provide me with the information I need to intervene and make some changes. For me it’s usually diet related but for a client it could be be something else. This level of detail allows you to fine tune clients programs on the fly.

Step Away From The Scales

We already know that losing scale weight only is not the answer. Focusing on this metric by itself can lead to muscle loss doing nothing to health and wellness even if it makes clients feel good seeing the scale weight reduce.

Clients need to understand that weight gain after starting a nutrition and exercise regime isn’t always a bad thing or an indication of failure.

Showing that the increase in weight is healthy muscle and not fat is crucial in these circumstances.

It’s clear that a practical program of sound nutrition and exercise with the ability to regularly track changes in body fat and muscle is the answer.

What Are The Options?

Body composition analysis is a fantastic way to monitor overall health wellness and fitness as well as provide an excellent way to retain clients.

Regular non-intrusive measurements that can track reductions in body fat and increases in muscle gains can keep clients coming back for more. As a trainer, it is also reassuring to see that your programs work and can be adapted to suit each client. We’re all different and respond to exercise and nutrition changes in various ways.

Body Composition can be measured and monitored in different ways. X-ray or  Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can provide some of the most highly accurate images and can show changes in both fat and muscle thicknesses. However, as you can imagine this equipment is not cheap and requires an extremely high level of training which makes this impractical in a fitness club or for a personal trainer.

Air displacement also called plasmography such as the Bod Pod device and underwater weighing systems or hydrostatic weighing, can be an accurate assessment of body composition, they do not measure actual fat and muscle thicknesses though.

Again, this equipment is expensive and requires highly qualified personnel. This for most is not a practical option unless you have access to a local university.

Many fitness professional and health clubs use bioelectrical impedance or (BIA) devices, such as Tanita, Omron, Seca or Inbody. These measurement devices pass a small electrical current through the body and measure the time it takes for the current to go from point A to point B and determine factors such as body fat percentage, visceral fats, and fat-free mass.

These BIA devices are often affordable but sometimes less so ranging from £30 to £15,000+ with varying frequencies used to determine body fat percentage. Results from these BIA devices can vary based on the client’s hydration, alcohol and caffeine levels and menstrual cycles for women, on top of this these devices do not provide measurements for fat and muscle. Fat-free mass often shown on these devices is not a direct muscle measurement and includes organs, bones and everything else

Skin fold calipers are affordable, but to obtain consistent measurements you need to be well trained. Calipers can only measure the folded thickness and not the amount of fat and muscle. Clients often find caliper measurements painful and uncomfortable which is often not a fantastic motivator.

Health Club Marketing Solution

There’s a little known portable, affordable, hand-held ultrasound imaging device called BodyMetrix that is available and can measure total body fat percentage and provide an assessment of fat loss and muscle gain.

Client Progress

Ultrasound measurements are non-invasive, fast and simple for the personal trainer or health club and provide motivating images and data to retain clients.

Clients can measure changes in body composition over time as they see fat loss and muscle gain in target areas.

For any personal trainer or health club, retaining your clients or members is a goal high up on your priority list. After all, you’ve often spent a lot of time to acquire a new client through whichever medium you use to market yourself, you build trust and often develop a relationship, so don’t let them slip away without measurable results.

Consider incorporating fitness technology such as ultrasound to motivate and educate clients using proven techniques that result in your clients successfully attaining their goals. Adopting this approach can, as we’ve seen have a ripple effect on clients as they tell their friends about the quick, non-intrusive and cutting edge measuring technology you’re using to keep them on track and pressing towards their health and weight loss goals.

Discover how 1000’s of health clubs and personal trainers worldwide are using health club marketing techniques focused on the client. They can progress tracking using cutting edge ultrasound technology to improve.

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