Choosing The Right Blood Pressure Cuff

How to choose the right blood pressure cuff

Upper arm blood pressure monitors use a cuff that inflates when connected to the device. Omron Cuffs come in 3 different sizes these are:

The size relates to the circumference measurement of the upper arm. The Omron cuffs work with a range of Omron upper arm monitors. If you’re unsure if the cuff you needs fits with your device contact us and we can help out.

To determine which cuff you need, use a flexible tape measure or piece of paper to measure the circumference of your upper left arm. If using the paper method, you can measure the tape length with a ruler once you’ve done it. After you have your upper arm measurement choose the cuff that matches it below.

If your upper arm size is between 17 and 22cm, then you will need a small cuff. If it measures between 22 and 32cm, then it’s the medium cuff. If your upper arm measurement is between 32 and 42 cm, then you will need a large cuff.

Fitting the Cuff

Once you’ve devised on the right cuff size, then fitting couldn’t be easier.

The first step is to put your left arm through the cuff loop. If the cuff is not in a loop, then pass the end furthest from the tube through the D-ring to form a loop. The smooth part of the cuff should be on the inside of the cuff loop.

Correct arm position

Once the cuff is on your upper left arm, the tube should run right down the centre of your inner arm. This should be in line with your middle finger. The bottom part of the cuff should be about 1 or 2 centimetres from the crease on your elbow.

Apply the cuff to your upper arm so that the red arrow, the one under the tube is at the centre of your inner arm.

Extra Tips

Make sure the cuff is next to the skin and not placed over clothes. If you need to roll up a sleeve, then make sure that it’s not too tight.

Also, make sure that the cuff is in alignments with the heart or breast height. If you need to, pop a cushion below your elbow to raise it to this level.

Once you have the correct position, start the device and follow the instructions.

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