Simple Capillary Blood Tests

The Accutrend Plus device by Roche Diagnostics is designed for the measurement of various blood parameters including:

  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Triglyceride
  • Lactate

Cartwright Fitness offers the choice of two types of Accutrend systems in kit form in addition to all relevant consumables for on-going use.

We always recommend that new users of the Accutrend measuring equipment read the manual supplied with the device carefully before using the instrument. This will familiarise you with the required preparations and the measurement procedure before performing the first measurement.

User’s are also advised to read the inserts supplied with the test strips to be used during the planned test.

The 3 kits provided by Cartwright Fitness are as follows:

Roche Accutrend Plus GCTL Kit

This kit is supplied with the standard starter kit of free consumables which includes 25 Cholesterol test strips, 50 Glucose test strips, 25 Triglyceride test strips and 25 Lactate test strips. This package is popular with sports coaches who wish to design fitness training programmes based on the athlete’s production of blood lactate during intense exercise.

Roche Accutrend Plus GC Kit

The GC kit is ideal for users who wish only to measure the parameters of Cholesterol and Glucose. Please note that the device itself is set-up at manufacture with these two parameters available for selection and measurement only.

Roche Accutrend Lactate Plus Kit

For those wanting to offer blood lactate testing for athletes, this is the kit to get. Covering all the analysis parameters discussed including glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride this pack includes additional lactate testing strips for those who want to focus more on determining blood lactate levels.

Testing Principle 

The test principle is the same for each of the blood parameters that can be measured. However, each test strip has a different formulation to match the required enzymatic reaction with the relevant blood parameter to be measured.

The device reads the lot-specific characteristics of the test strips currently in use using a code strip. This information is stored and, therefore, needs only to be read once per test strip container.

A test strip is taken from the container and inserted into the instrument. While inserted, the application area of the test strip is illuminated by an LED from below. Before the actual measurement is performed, the reflection behaviour of the test strip is determined using the light that is reflected from the application area of the test strip.

The blood sample is applied to the yellow application area and the measurement chamber flap is closed. The constituent to be determined in the used sample undergoes an enzymatic reaction with formation of dye. The amount of dye formed increases with the concentration of the substance to be determined.

After a particular period, depending on the test parameter to be measured and the speed of the specific enzymatic reaction, the colour intensity is measured by illuminating the application area again from below using the LED. The reflected light intensity is then measured with a detector. The measured value is determined from the signal strength of the reflected light, with the previously measured blank value and the read lot-specific information also being considered. Finally, the result is displayed and simultaneously stored in the memory.

How To Use The Accutrend Plus

To perform a test using the Accutrend Plus systems you will require the following:

The brief overview of the steps carried out are:

1) Code the instrument (one per test strip container)

2) Insert the test strip

3) Apply blood

4) Start a measurement by closing the chamber flap

5) Display of measurement results

Power Requirements

The device requires four batteries (1.5V AAA) to be installed to operate. With a new set of batteries, you will normally be able to perform at least 1,000 tests. When the battery warning appears for the first time, you will usually get approximately 50 measurements from the device.

The batteries used should only be AAA alkaline manganese batteries. Replace batteries within 2 minutes to keep the set date and time. Otherwise, they will need to be reset. You should note that measurement results, including the relevant measurement date and time, and other device settings are stored even when no batteries are used.

To save power, the device will turn itself off after 2 minutes this is unless you press a button or a new test strip is inserted.

When the device turns itself off, all test results obtained so far remain in the memory.

Instrument Customisable Settings

The following settings are available for customisation by the user of the Accutrend Plus:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Date format: DD.MM.YY or MM-DD-YY
  • Time format: 24hr or 12 h with AM/PM
  • Sound: On/Off
  • Lactate result: Blood (BL) or Plasma (PL).