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How to measure explosive leg power

How to measure explosive leg power

How to measure explosive leg power

Explosive Leg Power Factor (ELPF) is an extremely useful indicator for monitoring athlete performance in a variety of dynamic power based activities including track sprinting, volleyball and basketball. This short guide will show you how to measure explosive leg power using the Just Jump.

To calculate ELPF you must divide the air time by ground time and this is most easily measured by using the 4 Jump Mode of the Just Jump Mat System. This mode measures the ability of the athlete to get out of the starting blocks i.e. reaction time.

The athlete stands on the Just Jump Mat and jumps four times in succession as quickly and high as possible. The Just Jump System computes the average ground time, the average jump height and the explosive leg power. The less time on the ground and the higher the jump the greater the ELPF.

A good performance for ground time in this test is 0.20 to 0.23 seconds. A good performance would generate a Explosive Leg Power Factor greater than 2.50. A good performance of vertical jumping is to achieve a height greater than 20 inches or 50 centimetres.

The following table illustrates the ELPF parameter as a function of ground time and jump height:

The Just Jump System provides the coach and sports scientist with a number of modes to measure a wide range of speed, reaction time, foot quickness, multi-directional shuttle runs, agility runs and shuttles and ultimately how to measure explosive leg power.

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