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How To Measure Muscle Mass

how to measure muscle mass

Ever wondered how much exercise you need to do to still increase muscle size and lose body fat. Have you ever wanted to learn how to measure muscle mass?

You may have spent lots of time in the gym over the years without any way to determine increases in muscle.

This got me thinking, was all the time I and others had spent in the gym needed to increase muscle size? And if so how would we know?

Just looking in the mirror it may be clear that you had more muscle if you looked bigger but would all this be muscle? Could we have added during the process and if so how much?

Imagine being able to track the exact changes and increases in muscle mass. You could find out exactly what worked and what didnt in the gym. Was all that hard work you or clients had put in at the gym was actual muscle growth and time well spent?

You may even find out if any supplementation you had bought actually made a difference. Or perhaps you could get by with fewer sets or exercises and spend less time in the gym.

Ways To Measure Muscle

Trying to assess increases in muscle mass with a tape measure just won’t work. Why? Because it doesn’t take into account fat tissue, time of day, hydration or bloating.

Sure there are other options like Xray or CT scans. But in reality, most people won’t have access to this equipment. Nor the technical knowledge to use them.

How not to do it

Bio-impedance devices can measure fat free mass but not direct muscle size. If you’re unsure how this the technology works. BIA passes a small and painless current through the body and measures how long it takes to get to each point.

From this it can determine the data including body fat, visceral fat and fat-free mass etc.

Fat-free mass is everything apart from the fat tissue hence the name. While this can give an idea of muscle increases, it’s not a direct measurement of muscle.

If you want to be even more precise then you’ll need more detailed data. Here is how top fit pros are determining increases in muscle mass. To do this you don’t need a specialist facility or science lab. in fact, you can do this at home or with clients in the studio in just a few minutes.

How you can do it in minutes

Using a portable hand held ultrasound device. You can track changes to body fat but also muscle size too. By placing this ultrasound scanner on the skin at traditional skinfold sites. It passes an ultrasound signal through the body that shows the exact thickness of both fat and muscle. It can also work out body fat percentage too.

Tracking changes to muscle could show you in just a few moments how your training is progressing. If you do not see increases in muscle, then you can make changes to your program.

Comparing these ultrasound images over time can show increases in muscle size. As mentioned you can do this on any part of the body in minutes using skinfold measurement sites.

The portable handheld device plugs straight into USB on a standard laptop or tablet. The powerful software works on both Mac and Windows based operating systems.

Once the software is open and ultrasound device connected you can track muscle changes. Over time data is compared to measurement taken and shows muscle increases and fat loss.

The technology used worldwide by leading physiotherapists, professional sports teams and in rehabilitation. All which can see the powerful application of the professional software and technology.

But to this day, only a few people have taken an in-depth look at personal muscle measurements at home. The BodyMetrix Personal ultrasound system allows this to happen at home and in minutes.

You can now use the same grade ultrasound used by health professionals and sports teams. To track changes to muscle gains and fat loss.

You can now check that every bit of time you spend trying to increase muscle size as effective as can be. By tracking it using ultrasound on a regular basis.

Portable ultrasound imaging may seem expensive, but it is not in the grand scheme of things. Considering the cost of some supplements that may or may not be working as well as you may think. Now you have the technology to see how well these are performing.

Regular tracking of muscle and fat will give you data to make the best decision in your training.

Stop wasting time and money

Interested in discovering how to track muscle mass and muscle imbalance in detail? This information could save you hours of wasted training time thousands on supplements.

To learn more get in touch and we will show you via a live online demo. We will show you how this powerful technology can help you measure muscle mass and more in minutes. 

Want to learn how leading personal trainers are using BodyMetrix to help clients? If so then take a look at the BodyMetrix Pro. This powerful software and its unlimited client tracking. With beautiful custom reports and data sent to clients with the click of a button.

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