Is BodyMetrix Accurate?

To answer the question is Bodymetrix accurate we first need to look at the technology behind it. Ultrasound was first used to measure body composition in the 80’s, yet studies and validations have taken place since the 50’s. Measuring fat and muscle thickness is a useful tool to measure body composition but is Bodymetrix accurate? 

BodyMetrix uses fat and muscle thickness to increase accuracy. Several studies have compared the BodyMetrix to DEXA, BodPod, Hydrostatic and Bio-impedance methods.

The studies show good results with these more expensive and non-portable systems.

How it works

If you’ve landed on this page, you have an idea of what BodyMetrix is or what it can do. If not then I’ll explain how it uses ultrasound to track changes in muscle and fat.

It does this by passing a painless soundwave though the body to produce an echo. The echo reflects off tissue structures to determine the thickness of fat and muscle.

In most areas of the body, you will see two high signals. The first signal is usually the point where fat tissue and muscle meet. The second reflection is often the point where muscle and bone connect.

This information allows you to see millimetre changes to muscle and fat over time.

Reductions in the fat thickness throughout indicate a reduction in body fat percentage. It is also useful to be able to see that you are not losing muscle when you lose that fat. No other portable device can show this. Devices like BodyStat and Tanita show the fat free mass, but that’s not the same as an actual muscle measurement.

We have seen a growing trend of those who work in rehab want to have the ability to track muscle recovery with patients. You can take BodyMetrix anywhere as it plugs into a tablet via USB. Muscle recovery measurements are also non- invasive and quick. 

What people say

BodyMetrix Reviews

Other BodyMetrix Users…

  • Pat Divilly – Pat Divilly Fitness 
  • Chris Brown – New Era Fitness 
  • Ben Griffiths – Project Spartan 
  • Gavin Hogarth – Fit Body Farm
  • Warwickshire Fire & Rescue 
  • Manchester Metropolitan University 
  • University of Glasgow 

What Ben from Fast Way to Fitness thinks…

At FAST Way to Fitness, we’re quite passionate about finding the RIGHT MEASURES for the individual.

You see, when your trying to change your body simply weighing yourself is like trying to measure all your debt and all your earnings in one figure.

When undertaking a journey of body transformation
its likely you’re looking to increase the amount of LEAN MASS and decrease FAT MASS…

Sion Pritchard is one Diligent Mo-fo!

Sion has taken on board ALL of the coaching I have given him and taken ACTION…

We’ve taken a number of metrics to measure his journey and one is using the BodyMetrix @intelametrix Ultrasound fat analyser from

The results paint a clear enough picture of how much body fat he lost in just under a month. Both measures were taken after the same amount of water, sleep and food consumed.

This was a HUGE motivation for us as a trainer and client team. We were both made up by his progress.

Thought it was worth sharing as we can ALL sometimes measure the WRONG things… Money for happiness… Scales for progress… Or even measure things that don’t motivate us.

Thought We’d share this with anyone who would like a more dynamic look at their progress than a set of scales and a ‘how are you getting on’…

Feel free to comment, ask questions.

Again… Well done Sion.

Shows what happens when you take action without excuse.

Obsess and practice

But most importantly… Enjoy the journey!!”

Here are the screenshots showing progress before and after:

Compare BodyMetrix Scans

Ben knew BodyMertrix was the best solution for him to track clients body fat and muscle gains.

BodyMetrix validates exercise and nutrition by putting a yardstick in the sand. Collecting muscle data as well as body fat creates a true picture of body composition.

As the saying goes… “what gets measured gets managed” 

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