harvard step test

Harvard Step Test

The objective of the Harvard Step Test is to monitor the development of the athlete’s cardiovascular system. It was developed in 1943 as an assessment to predicts the subjects VO2 max level

police bleep test

Police Bleep Test

Part of the selection process to become a police in the UK involves a medical test and a series of fitness tests. As a police officer, you have to run a reasonable distance in your daily activities, and this requires a high level of flexibility.

standing stork test

Standing Stork Test

The stork balance test is an excellent fitness test for balance which can be a vital skill for many sports. The method of measurement is often used by athletes and coaches to evaluate static balance. For many athletes, balance is critical even though it’s often ignored when planning training programs.

uk police fitness test

UK Police Fitness Test

The test also known as the job-related fitness test or JRFT is a modified version of the multi-stage fitness test also known as bleep test or shuttle run designed for a Police officer to measure endurance and fitness. The job related fitness test has been adapted so the test can be performed in police establishments …

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resting metabolic rate testing

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

The resting metabolic rate assessment measures calories burned at rest. An RMR test is an ideal starting point for anyone managing their weight. This accurate test uses a Breezing Metabolics Analyser. These devices are a World leader in measurement technology. With this equipment, we can determine your resting metabolic rate. We can also tell you …

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vo2 max testing

VO2 Max Test & Submaximal Testing

Get a VO2 max test at our Chester based clinic. The test can give accurate, customised training programmers for any athlete, runner or cyclist. This is based on a detailed Vo2 assessment, heart rate and ventilation data. Our state of the art Cosmed equipment  can: Maximise the efficiency of your training Prevent overtraining This fully …

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how to perform chester step test

How To Perform Chester Step Test

The Chester Step Test (CST) is a submaximal, multistage aerobic capacity test. The Test requires a low step, heart rate monitor, Instructional software with stepping beat rhythms, RPE Chart and CST Software Calculator. The accompanying Manual includes Graphical Datasheets and Fitness Rating norms geared to age and gender. Providing there are no medical contraindications to …

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Improve Performance In 14 days with PowerLung

Improve Performance In 14 days with PowerLung

Here at Cartwright Fitness we’ve gone a bit crazy for the PowerLung and wanted to tell you why!PowerLung can improve breathing and performance by using it for just a few minutes each day. From those with limited mobility or disability to elite athletes – it benefits all.Breathlessness can be a real barrier for some people, […]

ymca step test

​YMCA 3-Minute Step Test Normative Data

This is a 3-minute step test as the name suggests. The test requires stepping on and off a fixed step at a set speed and can be used as a method of aerobic fitness testing.
Because this is a sub maximal test, it requires a low level of supervision to perform the test safely. Pre-Test Conditions
Before you […]

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