uk police fitness test

UK Police Fitness Test

UK police fitness test known as the job-related fitness test or JRFT is a modified version of the multi-stage fitness test. The test has bee adapted so the test can be performed in police establishments where space may be limited.  It is based on scientific research to match the aerobic demands of PST (Brewer, J. …

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How To Perform Chester Step Test

The Chester Step Test (CST) is a submaximal, multistage aerobic capacity test. The Test requires a low step, heart rate monitor, Instructional software with stepping beat rhythms, RPE Chart and CST Software Calculator. The accompanying Manual includes Graphical Datasheets and Fitness Rating norms geared to age and gender. Providing there are no medical contraindications to …

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Improve Performance In 14 days with PowerLung

Here at Cartwright Fitness we’ve gone a bit crazy for the PowerLung and wanted to tell you why!PowerLung can improve breathing and performance by using it for just a few minutes each day. From those with limited mobility or disability to elite athletes – it benefits all.Breathlessness can be a real barrier for some people, […]

Is BodyMetrix Accurate?

In short, YES but lets delve a little deeper. Ultrasound was first used to measure body composition in the 80’s, yet studies and validations have taken place since the 50’s.
Measuring fat thickness is an accurate technique to measure body composition. The benefit of ultrasound is that you can also measure muscle thickness too.
BodyMetrix uses fat and muscle […]

BodPod vs Ultrasound (BodyMetrix)

BodyMetrix SystemYou may have heard of BodPod. It looks a bit like a space shuttle that measures body composition using plethysmography. Plethysmography measures changes in volume within the body using air displacement. It’s a lot like hydrostatic weighing but using air instead of water.A metal cylinder goes into the BodPod to calibrate before a measurement, […]

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