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Personal Training Client Tracking Software

BodyMetrix Ultrasound Client Tracking

Powerful personal training client tracking software from BodyMetrix. 

BodyMetrix provides a way to optimise exercise and diet plus measure a whole host of other health, wellness and fitness metrics. It helps to improve the progress of personal trainer clients and your business with the new software app from Intelametrix.

This allows the elite PT to program clients training effectively using data captured with the software including:

  • Accurately measure client body composition and body fat percentage
  • Track body fat percentage, weight, and fat thickness at each site
  • Track Circumference, Waist to Hip Ratio
  • Use cross-sectional scans to directly see fat and muscle layers
  • Calculate BMR and BMR with activity
  • Email customisable reports directly to your client that include text and graphics

Body composition using ultrasound takes measurements of subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites. The number of locations measured depends on the formula used which is based on the number of skinfold sites from a single bicep measurement to up to 9 different locations.

Ultrasound measurement means that the measurements are not sensitive to hydration or exercise so you can track clients before or after exercise.

Screenshots below show sample measurements using a single bicep formula on an overweight individual and a more accurate seven site method on an elite athlete. The useful guide, pictured on the bottom left means that you can be sure that you are in the correct location for each measurement.

BodyView Screenshot

Powerful Live Data

When taking measurements, you show clients what is going on beneath the skin. Completed in a fast and non-intrusive way, there is no more skin pinching which clients hate. There is also no more stepping onto the scales only to see skewed data because of an early meal or lack of hydration. Ultrasound has a proven track record in the medical and research community; now this technology is available to trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists and aesthetic clinics.

Track Muscle Thickness

BodyViewProFit software

This stuff is beyond body composition; the excellent Body View Pro Fit software can be used to track individual point fat thickness and circumference, waist to hip ratio and fitness metrics.

Drill down and record accurate client data. The two fitness lists shown below can be easily modified only to include what you need, all of this compelling data can easily be exported to custom client reporting. Reports can be set up and pre-formatted for different client groups that you may coach.

Some standard report setups may include:

  • Initial Consultation Report
  • Client follow-up report
  • Particular groups that you coach e.g. Boot Camp

Also, you can create challenges to boost motivation such as “Most Muscle Gained in a month” or “Biggest Fat Loser”.  It is worth remembering that the BodyMetrix will track muscle thickness in millimeters helping your client step away from the ‘sad step’ or scales and focus on more important metrics like actual muscle gains and fat loss and the effectiveness of workout and programs.

BodyView Trend Analysis

More than Waist to Hip Ratio

Taking anatomical measurement to the next level by gathering data such as shoulder to waist ratio for that classic v shape or measuring waist to height ratio. This is gaining in popularity with several studies finding that it is a more valid measurement than BMI. Only measuring waist circumference is inherently biased for people taller or shorter than the average population.

Hip to Waist Ration on BodyMetrix

Relative Disease Risk

Nothing is more compelling than knowing that the excess fat is contributing to real-life dangers and disease related risks such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The simple but effective sliding scales shows these risks and how they may reduce as health metrics improve. From experience, we have found that for the skeptics that don’t actually buy into body fat percentage, this chart hits home.

BodyMetrix Disease Risk Analysis

More than Body Composition

It is not always about weight loss or fat loss, we get that. Some people may come to you to get fitter or just feel better in general. Most trainers we’ve worked with have measurable ways to show client progress regarding fitness or strength. Now you can keep track of this over time in the same client profile as body fat measurements and muscle growth.

Maybe you need to coach someone to a half marathon or 10k. Show data that displays the relationship between faster times and weight loss as well as those improvements in fitness a client was looking for.

The example shown below is just a snapshot of the bespoke fitness tracking tab. You can track anything here, from maximum pull-ups to one rep max. If you can track it, you can add it.

Fitness Tests on BodyMetrix

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