Bouncing & Hurdling

Developing athleticism is becoming a fundamental component in a great many sports. Establishing yourself as a ‘sports athlete’ means that you need to train a number of key components:-
Pillar Strength (Ankle-Knee-Hip Stability, Core Strength, Scapula Thoracic Stability & Shoulder Stability)
Functional Strength (Movement based and purposeful strength pathways)
Speed & Agility (Activity/sport specific movement speed drills and acts of programmed & random agility)
Power (The combination of high movement speed, overcoming mass and produced over a stable physiological platform with consistent repeatability)
Training ‘power’ is reliant upon having developed a fundamental ‘pillar’ of strength & stability, patterns of movement speed & functional strength that relate to the activity or sport and emphasis upon high quality of movement & technique adherence when administering power training drills.
Employing the use of hurdles and agility ladders to compliment patterns of jumping & bounding is a commonly used practice and provides both a visual & height targeted focus to your training programme.

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