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  • Forza Indoor Bike

    Forza Indoor Bike

    £1,314.00 Inc VAT
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  • T97 Treadmill

    T97 Treadmill

    £3,234.00 Inc VAT
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  • T98 Treadmill

    T98 Treadmill

    £4,314.00 Inc VAT
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Showing all 3 results

We use Gym Gear Ergometers as our chosen Fitness Measurement Provider

Gym Gear offers the best range of cardio machines on the market including treadmills and bikes through to the more recent HIITHigh-Intensity Interval Training) form of machines including Air Bikes and Ski Ergs amongst many others.

Benefit from either the standard LED displays or the integrated touchscreen consoles that offer the ability to watch TV, browse the internet and many other features as part of the Gym Gear cardio range.