Linear Measurement

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  • Lafayette Small Anthropometer

    Lafayette Small Anthropometer

    £190.00 Inc VAT
  • Lafayette Large Anthropometer

    Lafayette Large Anthropometer

    £235.00 Inc VAT
  • Lafayette Chest Depth Caliper

    Lafayette Chest Depth Caliper

    £130.00 Inc VAT
  • Lafayette Abdominal Caliper

    Lafayette Abdominal Caliper

    £240.00 Inc VAT

Showing all 4 results

Linear measurement devices for evaluating the proportion, length, width or girth of anatomical landmarks; such as the hand, wrist, ankle, elbow or chest and of particularly relevant application in paediatric growth studies. These anthropometers are supplied in a range of sizes to accommodate the measurement of various anatomical sites and are a precision tool for your anatomical measurement toolkit.