1000 BIA Body Fat Electrodes Pack

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These disposable electrodes are for use on bodyfat testing BIA machines.

Most devices use four tabs per measurement so this bulk pack will allow for 250 tests.

After collecting a clients height and weight, they lie down with hands and legs apart. Two tabs go on the feet and two on the hands. Crocodile clips connect the tabs to the device. The devices use bio-impedance analysis to determine body fat percentage, measuring resistance and reactants of the electricity as it flows through the body.

If you perform a lot of tests and order tabs on a regular basis, then this is for you. Introduced for those who perform a lot of body fat testing with clients and regularly runs out. The 1000 electrode tab pack contains 10 individual packs of 100 tabs and will keep you going for up to 250 different tests using four tabs per test with clients.

Quantity: 1,000 BIA electrode pack in zip lock seal bags

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