Roche Accutrend Lactate Control Solution

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Roche Accutrend Lactate Control Solution is initially supplied as part of the starter package in Roche Accutrend kits.

The Lactate Control Solution is an excellent quality control aid and tests the optical system and overall function of the device.

We suggest performing a control solution check when one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • On completion of approximately 25 tests
  • Following cleaning of the instrument
  • Prolonged transportation
  • More than 30 days storage without use
  • Lactate Control Solution also acts as an excellent training tool for improving users understanding of the protocol and use of the device before using the blood lancet system. This solution can also be used as a blood replacement medium for refreshing the user?knowledge if they have not conducted tests for a while.

Key Features: Control solution maintains integrity of protocol and device. Allows control check to be performed using control solution instead of blood. Ensures instrument is functioning properly

Box Includes: Roche Accutrend Lactate control solution (2 x 4ml)

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