Disposable One-Way Mouthpieces 5×20 pack

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These disposable one-way mouthpieces are low cost and resistance Safe T Way mouthpieces which means that they will only let expired air into the device. It does not allow it to come back in the other direction through inhalation.

This simple, but efficient design prevents accidental inhalation of pathogens and saliva. Safe T Way is an inexpensive alternative to a bacterial, viral filter for expiratory testing only.

The neat design fits most pulmonary function test equipment, including Vitalograph peak flow meters and Mini-Wright although an adaptor may be required.

They are low-cost alternative to BVF for expiratory testing. To buy more or if you have any questions about the disposable one way mouthpieces, please call us on 01244 343106.

Weight 2.5 kg
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