Clinical Goniometer with inclinometer technology

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The MEI Clinical Goniometer is a robust pocket-sized clinical goniometer. It’s a precision instrument but also straightforward and quick to use. The key to using a ?Clinical Inclinometer which is a device for measuring the angle of inclination, is in understanding how it works. How it works? The clinical goniometer works a bit like a magnetic compass, in the same way the needle always points north. The circular canal and fluid enable the accurate measurement of incline. The ?Clinical Inclinometer uses gravity as its reference, rather than magnetic north as with the compas, and consequently is used vertically, unlike a compass which is used horizontally. Also instead of a needle like on a compass, there’s a semi-circular column of coloured liquid. Because the two ends are always level when the dial turns it means that the arrow points to the meniscus and the curved uppermost surface of a liquid in the tube which is at the top of the fluid column.? This means that horizontal angles can now be determined by reading the dial where the meniscus crosses it.This is useful becasue the shape or size of the?individual being measured, or where on the limb the device is placed doesn’t change the reading. Measurements you can take with a clinical Inclinometer: Neck: Flexion & Extension, Lateral Flexion and Rotation Shoulder: Flexion & Extension, Adduction & Abduction and Rotation Elbow: Flexion & Extension Forearm: Pronation & Supination Wrist: Flexion & Extension and Ulnar & Radial Deviation Hip: Flexion & Extension, Adduction & Abduction and Rotation Knee: Flexion & Extension Ankle: Plantarflexion & Dorsiflexion and Inversion & Eversion Spine: Lumbosacral Flexion & Extension and Lumbosacral Lateral Flexion (2xClinical Inclinometers required) Spine: Thoracic Flexion & Extension and Thoracic Rotation (2xClinical Inclinometers required) Technical Information: Dimensions: : 80mm x 8mm x 100mm (L x W x H)Range of Units:: DegreesAccuracy: : To /- 1 degree

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