Microlife OXY 300 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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  • Easy use – Due to an easy to read display with six available views
  • Medical grade accuracy – Determines oxygen saturation (SPO2) & heart rate (pulse)
  • Compact design – Lightweight and portable device
  • Dual colour OLED display
  • Adjustable brightness (Level 1-10)

The Microlife Pulse Oximeter is an easy to read, compact device that clips to the finger and gives instant results for heart rate and oxygen saturation Sp02 levels between the 70-100% range.

It has medical-grade accuracy and is lightweight and portable. The pulse rate range is from 30 to 235 beats per minute.

What is Oxygen Saturation?

Oxygen saturation refers to the fraction of oxygen-saturated haemoglobin in relation to the total haemoglobin (saturated and unsaturated) within the blood. The human body requires and regulates a correct balance of oxygen in the blood. Normal blood oxygen levels in people are considered to be 95-100%

Specification Size: 56x31x30.5 mm

Weight: 56g (with batteries)

Batteries: 2 pcs. 1.5V alkaline batteries, size AAA


Weight 0.1 kg
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