Just Jump Mat Jump Height and Timing System

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The Just Jump Mat system is an excellent entry level jump mat that is being used extensively in, Education, Team and Performance Sport. The compact mini computer instantly shows

  • Jump height,
  • Hang time for one jump,
  • Ground contact time for one jump
  • Average height & flight time for four jumps.

Plyometric version offers TWO more modes: Jump 60 times and a Plyometric mode (Jump On/Off).


Just Jump Mat

Just Jump mat is a coaching tool for determining explosive power for the vertical jump test. It also provides accurate timing for straight-line sprint and multi-directional sprint tests.

The mat also has a ‘4-Jump’ mode – this gives the athlete’s average ground time (reaction time), explosive leg power factor (air time/ground time), and jump height.

We also supply a Plyometric version which offers TWO more modes: Jump 60 times and a Plyometric mode (Jump On/Off).

The Just Jump system measures in metric units. Just Jump mat measures:

  • Vertical jump height
  • Hangtime
  • Explosive leg power
  • Reaction time
  • Leg power index

The system has three modes. The ‘Jump 1 Time’ mode also works as a timing system to measure sprints and agility sequences.

Just Jump Mat Modes

  • Jump 1 Time – Perform a vertical jump, and upon landing, the “Air Time & Jump Height” is shown on the handheld device.
  • Jump 1 Time – (secondary use) The display monitor has a default value of 1.1 secs in this Jump mode. After which it changes to ‘Timer Mode’. You can use this for shuttle drills, with the mat acting as a start and finish point. As the athlete leaves the mat, the timer starts (after 1.1 secs) and stops when the athlete returns to the mat. You can repeat this as soon as the athlete leaves the mat again, as in a repetitive shuttle. The tester will record each successive time value until the test finishes.
  • Sprint Timer – Programme the distance (up to 999 metres) and place the mat at the finish point. The timer starts using the microphone on the device and reacts to a whistle or shouted command. The timer ceases as the athlete crosses the line’ and steps on the mat. The display records the time of the run to the nearest hundredth of a second.
  • Jump 4 Times – This consists of four vertical jumps performed at the greatest height and speed. The handheld device then calculates:
    • Average ground time
    • Average jump height
    • Explosive leg power factor (ELPF – this is the Air Time divided by the Ground Time)

Key Features:

  • Portable and easy to use – requires no external power supply, same as the Takei jump mat.
  • Easy to operate – requires no specialist skills to work.
  • Jump 1 Time Mode – measures jump time and calculate ‘hang-time’. You can also use this as a timing device for multi-directional tests.
  • Sprint Timer – measures a range of distances, up to 999 metres.
  • Jump 4 Times Mode – this measures ground contact time, jump height and explosive leg power.

Box Includes:

  • Just Jump handheld meter.
  • Large Mat
  • Instruction Sheet

Technical Specification:

  • Operating temperature: 0-65 degrees (32-150F)
  • Accuracy: – 1/2 of reading from 5-59
  • Relative Humidity: 95% RH or less at 30 degrees (85F) non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to 70 degrees (-13 to 158F)
  • Battery Life: (Alkaline): 80 hours typical at 30 degrees (73F)
  • Power: 9V Battery (NEDA1604A, 6F22, 006P)
  • Dimensions: 79cm x 76cm x 3cm)

Manufactured in the US by Probotics

For questions about the Just Jump Mat, call the team on 01244 343106.



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Plyometric, Standard

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