Just Pass System with Digital Stopwatch

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Catching and Passing with accuracy and speed is an essential part of any Basketball. The emphasis has always been on making scoring baskets. However moving the ball around the court and to players requires quick and on target passing. Coaches understand this and the fundamentals of passing and catching. The Just Pass system measures passing speed. The results are immediate. It motivates players to try and beat their best passing time by building up the muscles for passing. Measuring pass speed improvement is highly motivating.

Once you have an actual number, then you can begin the process of developing the necessary skills. Measuring Passing Speed This speed test involves throwing the ball at a wall mounted mat connected with a Just Pass stop watch. The initial impact on the mat will start the stop watch timer. The player must catch the rebound and throw it (pass it) back to the mat.

The timer then stops and display moving speed (shown as air time) to within 1/100 of a second. Accuracy of Measurement The test has a 2nd component which is Passing Accuracy. Accuracy is measured by the distance from the target. As players progress, they will hit the mat on the wall from greater distances.

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