Lafayette Gollehon Goniometer

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The Lafayette Gollehon Goniometer extends from 8 to 28 inches and is the perfect tool for the assessment of the range of motion. The reason this is so much better than other goniometers out there is the chrome plated arms that extend up to 28 inches to measure large joints like arms and shoulders and hip and legs.

Once you’ve taken measurements, you can collapse it to just 8 inches so its work like a small goniometer too. It’s the perfect all in one.

Unlike other goniometers on the market that sometimes needs the user to estimate alignment, because the arms extend you can put the arms of the Lafayette Gollehon Extendable Goniometer, so they go inline with anatomical landmarks, this not only makes measurements easier but also increases the accuracy too. It got a dual scale which means that the lafayette gollehon goniometer can go from 0-180 degree and 180-0 degree with 1degree increments – this is what you need for precise joint measurements.

To make reading the results easier, it has a magnified reading window with 4 x magnification. The casing is manufactured from a sturdy ABS plastic for durability, and the arms are made from a chrome plated brass. The see-through hole in the middle is 0.68 inches in diameter.

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