Lafayette Small Anthropometer

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The Lafayette Small Anthropometer provides physiologists, nurse practitioners and health professionals with the ability to measure shoulder width, length and depth of many anatomical sites. This caliper is suitable for application as a measurement device for child development and bio-mechanics studies.

The study of human engineering through the analysis of proportion is a key feature in childhood growth and development studies and has a wider application in the bio-mechanical analysis of sports athletes.

Used to measure:

  • Hand length
  • Knee breadth
  • Ankle breadth
  • Elbow breadth
  • Wrist breadth
  • Upper & Lower Limb Muscle proportion in children

The caliper has a measurement range of up to 30cm in 0.1cm increments; features a spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism in a sliding C-shaped arm for accuracy and precision and is constructed from aluminium.

The Lafayette Large Anthropometric Caliper is also available.

Key Features:

  • Aluminium construction: tough and durable
  • Spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism – ensures precise and accurate measurement
  • Analysis of growth and development in children – meets Clinical Paediatric Study specifications
  • Analysis of performance and physiological development in sports athletes – utilised in the study of bio-mechanics, particularly with adolescent sports athletes

Technical Specification:

  • Maximum Range: 30cm
  • Measurement Range: 0.1cm increments

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