Modified Sit and Reach Box

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  • Adjusts for individual arm & leg length
  • More accurate measurements
  • Overcomes limitations of the traditional sit and reach box

The modified sit and reach box protocol system is a development of the common test for leg, hip and trunk flexibility. The test is widely used by the majority of emergency services in entry protocols as well as schools and health clubs to decipher a healthy level of flexibility and effectiveness of flexibility and suppleness training.

A limitation of the traditional sit and reach test measured protocol is that results will favour individuals with longer arms and shorter legs over those with shorter arms and longer legs. The modified sit and reach box and protocol offsets this variable as the zero mark can be adjusted for each user, based on their sitting reach level.

The modified protocol allows complete flexion measurement of the hip joint. Being able to control the variable of limb length is extremely beneficial when undertaking the test within a group and an across-subject comparison. The additional sliding scale facilitates the use of the most advanced protocol for measuring true flexion since the individual’s arm length is used as a baseline value.

A standard cursor ensures more accurate measurement and the durable metal construction also includes an internal storage compartment. This is a high quality, UK made which has been powder coated with integrated threads that allow screws to go straight into the box itself ensuring a more sturdy, durable and easier to assemble the box.

Key features of the box:

  • Fixed baseline for standard protocol, either 15cm or 30cm
  • Suitable for measuring the whole population
  • Sliding scale enables the facility to measure according to the Modified Protocol for Sit and Reach
  • Integrated threaded steel, no need for nuts – just screw in and use
  • Offers measurement of forward flexion independent of arm or leg length
  • Storage compartment cleverly built into the design to store other health and fitness measurement equipment

Box includes:

  • Modified protocol sliding scale
  • Extra wide measurement cursor
  • Building instructions and screws

Please note that this item requires assembling before use.

Technical Specification:

  • Scale length: 70cm
  • Construction: metal modified sit and reach box with a wood composite additional sliding scale


Cartwright Fitness

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