Multistage Fitness Test CD

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The multistage fitness test or?running bleep?test is easy to perform the test of physical fitness, based on established scientific research and proven to produce consistently reliable results.

The popular multistage shuttle run is a maximal test of aerobic capacity and is used within a wide variety of professional environments. Enabling the user to assess the aerobic component of physical fitness using just a CD player and two markers placed 20 metres apart, this product includes a high-quality CD containing full instructions and audible timing indicators along with an explanatory booklet.

The CD also includes three further tracks for control of speed and exercise training for sports. The audio tracks and description of the original test are based on a 20-metre runway, each tested level or lap which is made clear by an audible beep.

However, where an estimation of VO2max is not required, any length of the runway is good. For example, the Police Fitness Test used in the selection process is the same test with the markers placed at 15 meters.

Key Features:

  • Easy way to assess aerobic capacity and?fitness levels
  • Easy to perform
  • Clear instructions given and bleep test table of ratings provided

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