Omron HCG 801 HeartScan ECG Heart Monitor with Software

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Omron HCG 801 HeartScan with Software (full package)

A hand-held device, perfect for screening and self-monitoring of cardiac events. The Omron HG-801 HeartScan ECG Monitor is light weight and small so that you can carry it around with you and it is also simple to read.

It can be used anytime and anywhere, readings can then be shown to your doctor which will help them diagnose any serious problems and then monitor medication accordingly. It allows long-term monitoring that will help monitor your heart health.

The HeartScan ECG Monitor is also a versatile and multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. Results are displayed directly on the screen allowing a quick-scan of the heart condition. ?The cordless device is compact allowing it to fit in a Doctor’s bag or white coat pocket.

How does it work?

When you the feel symptoms of a heart problem (transient cardiac events), using the HeartScan, make a 30-second recording of your heart?s waveform, instantly and discretely. The ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform. The single lead recording runs for 30 seconds and includes a multilevel display of deviations from the norm as well as the date and time of the recording, the heart rate and the short cut analysis.

Key Features:

  • Portable and compact design
  • ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform
  • 30 sec measurements
  • Instant view of results on clear, high resolution screen with backlight
  • Cordless (no need to wear electrodes either)
  • Includes internal analysis software (13 analysis codes) to show the results directly to the user

This added Software version includes:

  • ECG Viewer Software and card reader
  • User-friendly, PC download through SD memory for 300, date and time stamped, measurements
  • Allows user to change the scale and range of the ECG to better observe specific events – useful for doctors to make diagnosis
  • Software allows changing of the display scale freely in order to confirm details – displays a detailed screen for close observation of a certain period
  • Software can be used by any number of HeartScan monitors
  • Data can be imported onto PC and used for diagnosis

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