Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor Belt (M-XXL)

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Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, then the Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. You can track your heart rate accurately and connect to your training equipment as well. With Polar H10, heart rate monitoring is more accurate than ever.

Polar H10 and the Beat App

Hook up the Polar H10 with the Polar Beat App. Polar Beat is the free fitness and training app, for accurate real-time heart rate data on your phone or tablet.

Don’t want to use your device with the belt? No problem Polar H10 can track your training session without your device for up to an hour. Once you’ve finished training, you can transfer training data to the Polar Beat app. Start a training session in the app, leave your phone waiting and get going.

Connect to other devices and equipment

Polar H10 works with leading fitness apps. It also works with compatible gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices. Connect your heart rate to your favourite app or gym machine and optimise your training.

You can swim with it too

Polar H10 is waterproof and can transfer heart rate data in water with it’s 5 kHz transmission. If you have a Polar watch then no problem. Use the Polar H10 in the pool and transfer the heart rate information to the free Polar Beat app afterwards.

Polar Pro Strap

Polar H10 comes with Polar Pro strap. The Soft textile strap has improved electrodes making measurement more accurate. It’s comfortable to wear, and the silicone dots and improved buckle keep the strap in place.

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