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  • Fresh air: oxygen flows in the top & Co2 expels out the bottom
  • No gurgling: no water comes in the top vents, only air, due to Powerbreather innovative Membrane technology
  • PB0100
  • Sport PB0100 not Intended for flip turns in pool or choppy open. See lap or wave editions
  • US at (Triathlon) legal (unless otherwise deemed by race director)
  • Open water swimming for freestyle, breast, butterfly and side stroke

Unleash the Power of Endless Swimming

What Makes the Powerbreather More Advanced

The Powerbreather Adventurer is about snorkelling for hours on the reef without CO2 fatigue, safely.

The Powerbreather has revolutionized swimming/snorkelling with the device that brings in fresh from the top and exhales CO2 from the bottom. 

There’s NO mixed CO2 air as with a traditional snorkels.

With the Powerbreather, you can quickly dive deep and breathe safely with 100% fresh air.

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