Retractable Body Tape Measure

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The Retractable Body Tape Measure allows you to measure and track the growth of muscles and reduction of fat. This tape makes it easy to measure any part of the body – waist, biceps, chest, thigh, calf and more.

The perfect tool for monitoring progress with any diet or fitness program. The clever push-button retraction and locking mechanism gives a snug measurement with precision accuracy.

Made from a strong vinyl tape, it provides years of reliable use.

The tape measures in both inches and centimetres. The total measurement length is 60 inch/152.4cm.

To measure, just pull the tape around any body part that you want to measure. Pressing the button makes it easier to lengthen. Pop the rod at the end of the tape into the circular slot, press the button and let the tape retract for accurate measurement then read the measurement.

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