Roche Combur 10 Test Strips Pack of 100

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Roche Urine Test Strips At first glance the Roche combur 10 test strips look like all urine tests look the same. In practice, though the differences can be considerable and significantly influence the accuracy of the results and therefore the reliability of the diagnosis. Combur Test urine test strips are the culmination of years of targeted research and development. Their unique design and well thought out technology ensure you get precise results plus safe, convenient and hygienic handling. Key Features: pH Protein Glucose Ketones Blood Urobilinogen Specific Gravity Box Includes: Pack of 100 test strip   How to read urinalysis test strips Included in the pack are details on how to read combur test results for effective combur 10 test results interpretation. Questions about Roche Combur 10 Test Strips? Call 01244 343106

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