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The Roche Reflotron Plus is an in vitro diagnostic device. The system using reflective photometry to determine results. Reflotron is popular in clinical health screening and sports science laboratories. This offers a rapid and intuitive way of testing with minimal human intervention.

The three key steps in Reflotron tests are:

1. Collect blood and apply sample to the reagent strip

2. Insert the reagent strip in the instrument.

3. Read the result, obtained between two and three minutes.

Reflotron has a keyboard that assigns samples to patients. The instrument saves the result together with the patient data. It can use it’s onboard printer to print the result along with the date, time and patient name or number.

Downloading data to a computer or laboratory information management system is also possible – the benefit is fast and reliable results.

Reflotron Test strips determine blood chemistry parameters using undiluted specimen material (whole blood).

The Roche Reflotron Plus has seventeen test parameters as follows:

  • Reflotron Alkaline Phosphatase 30 tests – Liver and Bone disorder
  • Reflotron Amylase 15 tests – Pancreatitis (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron Bilirubin 30 tests – Liver disorders, anaemia
  • Reflotron Cholesterol 30 tests – Lipid metabolism disorders
  • Reflotron CK 15 tests – Muscular diseases
  • Reflotron Creatinine 30 tests – Diabetes, kidney diseases, gout (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron GGT 30 tests – Liver disorders
  • Reflotron Glucose 30 tests – Diabetes, lipid disorders (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron GOT (AST) 30 tests – Liver disorders (acute parameter), myocardial infarction
  • Reflotron GPT (ALT) 30 tests – Liver disorders, myocardial infarction
  • Reflotron HDL Cholesterol 30 tests – Diabetes, lipid disorders
  • Reflotron Haemoglobin 30 tests – Anemia, kidney diseases (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron K (Potassium) 30 tests – Kidney diseases (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron Pancreatic Amylase 15 tests – Pancreatitis (acute parameter)
  • Reflotron Triglycerides 30 tests – Diabetes, lipid disorders
  • Reflotron Urea  15 tests – Gout, kidney diseases
  • Reflotron Uric Acid 30 tests – Gout, kidney diseases

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