Seca 203 WHR Measure Tape

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The Seca S203 Measuring Tape is an ergonomic, smoothly extractable circumference measuring tape with a Waist-To-Hip-Ratio calculator. Featuring a high-quality scale of metal used to obtain the Waist-To-Hip-Ratio (WHR). The WHR is an indirect method of determining the amount of abdominal fat tissue. The ratio allows conclusions to be drawn about the distribution of fat stores and thus contributes to a diagnosis. Key Features: Accurately measures body circumferences High quality sclae tape made of non-stretch resin in metal case Enables important measurements to be taken such as waist to hip ratio?Excellent for assessing health status and likliehood of developing future clinical diseases Calculates WHR Waist Hip Ratio Box Includes: SECA 203 Measuring Tape Instructions for use and handling Technical Specification: measuring Range : 15-205cm Graduation : 1mm Product Weight : 75g

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