Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Column Scale

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The Seca 220 is well-suited for a wide range of applications, such as; hospitals & clinics, sports science laboratories, general medical practices, pharmacies and fitness studios. The broad measuring slide and telescopic measuring rod ensure that results can be easily read and when not in use, the measuring slide can be folded down for safety and convenience. For simultaneous weighing and measuring of body size, this stadiometer can be attached at any time to most Seca column and Pillar type scales including: 704, 712, 710, 714, 766, 767, 797 and 780. Key Features: Pillar/Beam Scale-Mounted Telescopic Measuring Rod:?Provides convenient eye-level reading of results combined with simultaneous weight measurement Folding Measuring Slide:?Stores flush with measuring rod for safety Compatible with the following SECA Scales as a retro-fit item:?712, 710, 714, 766, 767, 797 and 780 Box Includes: Height Measuring Rod Technical Specification: Maximum Range: : 60cm to 200cm Graduation: : 1mm Dimensions (LxWxH): : 784cm x 55cm x 34cm Weight: : 800g

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