Seca 515 mBCA Medical Body Composition Analyzer

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The medically precise body composition analyser

Because the Seca Mbca medical scale uses an easy to navigate touch screen you can start tracking patients right away. You don’t need hours of over complicated training.
Your clients will love the comfortable ergonomic design with two hand-held electrodes each side. Add to this the electrode pads on the floor place and you can be sure of the best results each time.
Custom CRM and Eletronic Medical Record system
The Seca collects data and sends them to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. After your client steps onto the Seca mBCA basic data stored in the CRM. This allows repeat measurements and results to be compared over time.
This powerful medical body composition scale measures data such as:

Fat and fat-free mass
Total body water
Extracellular water
Intracellular water
Skeletal mass.

The large easy access weighing platform which can measure patients upto 300kg. Because its made of re-enforced safety glass it is cleaned and maintained with ease.
The academic and medical choice
The Mbca is popular in academic and university settings. As well as medical and professional sports institutions. It is the choice for those that need an accurate and reliable insight into the body’s composition.
If you have any questions on the Seca Mbca call today on 01244 343106

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