Seca 899

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Class 3 Medical Scale with remote display The Seca 899 is a flat scale with a remote display and. This sturdy flat scales with cable remote display, BMI, HOLD and TARE for mobile usage. The scale connects to the remote display with a two metre long cable that transfers data between the scale and display. The remote display can either be held in the hand or mounted on a wall or desk. The Seca 899 will also track BMI and has a HOLD feature to keep measurements displayed for as long as required and a TARE feature for weighing small children held in an adult?s arms. The Seca 899 is at home in a stationary environment but also lends itself to mobile use thanks to its carry handle, compact size and low weight In addition to correctly collect weight on uneven surfaces the Seca 899 has four adjustable feet for leveling the scale for set-up on all types of surfaces

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