Seca b10 Sphygmomanometer

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Lightweight and Flexible The Seca b10 Sphygmomanometer is light weight and offers flexibility with first-class precision. Maintenance is simple that’s because the load cell that’s changed in seconds. Because you can hang the load cell on the sleeve, this device is suitable for right and left-handers. Easy to replace cells When it’s time to replace the load cell, it’s easy to do. That’s because the load cell and control unit are two separate parts. When it’s time to replace the old cell. A brand new pre-calibrated is straightforward to replace-saving time and money.

The B10 has fewer metal components it is easy for frequent usage and provides durability.

For questions about any of the aneroid blood pressure monitors or the Seca b10 Sphygmomanometer call 01244 343106

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