Seca s30 Stethoscope with two-channel tube

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Seca s30 Stethoscope has a dual construction in the chest piece that picks up low and high frequency. The benefits make the S30 an excellent choice for physicians. The smaller of the two membrane sides are for listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs. You can do this even at the most difficult-to-reach locations. The stethoscope tube has two inner channels to reduce sound loss. The integrated spring in the tube also ensures sound transmission without interference. The Seca S30 has superior acoustics. The benefit you is that the chest piece not used is turned off this is to minimise background noise. With two parallel channels in the stethoscope tube, gives optimal sound transmission. The Seca s30 Stethoscope is resistant to NHS cleaning agents, including Clinell.

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