Small Goniometer 20 cm or 8 inches

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In?physical &?occupational therapy and in sports science, a goniometer is an instrument which measures an axis and range of motion. The instrument is a degree scale (like a protractor) with arms that can be aligned with the position of the extremity and the angle measured in reference to a base line.

If a patient or athlete experiences decreased range of motion in a joint (e.g. a knee or elbow), the tester can use a goniometer to assess what the range of motion is prior to intervention, and then make sure the intervention is working in subsequent assessments.

This Small Goniometer measures 20 cm and is 360?. It can be used to measure and evaluate the following:-

  • Outline range of movement tests that can be performed with a Goniometer
  • Italicised items would be better evaluated with a large Goniometer
  • Neck Flexion & Extension
  • Trunk Flexion & Extension
  • Trunk Rotation Elevation of Pelvis
  • Hip Flexion & Extension
  • Hip Abduction & Adduction
  • Hip Lateral Rotation
  • Hip Medial rotation
  • Knee Flexion?& Extension
  • Shoulder Flexion & Extension
  • Shoulder Abduction
  • Shoulder lateral rotation
  • Shoulder medial rotation
  • Elbow Flexion & Extension
  • Forearm Supination & Pronation
  • Wrist Flexion & Extension
  • Finger Abduction & Adduction
  • Flexion & Extension of metacarpophalangeal joints of fingers
  • Flexion of proximal and distal interphalangeal joints of fingers
  • Flexion & Extension of metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints of thumb
  • Thumb adduction & abduction
  • Ankle Plantar & Dorsi Flexion F
  • oot dorsiflexion and inversion
  • Foot inversion & eversion
  • Flexion of metatarsophalangeal joints of toes
  • Flexion of interphalangeal joints of toes
  • Extension of metatarsophalangeal joints of toes and interphalangeal joint of hallux

Key Features:

  • Portable measurement device – Easily transported, particularly in a clinical setting
  • Versatile – Measures a wide array of joint motions
  • Lightweight plastic construction – Durability

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