Takei 5003 Analogue Standing Trunk Flexion Meter

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The Takei 5003 Analogue Standing Trunk Flexion Meter is a flexion measuring instrument, to examine the amount of body bending in a forward direction measuring leg, hip and trunk flexibility. Attach the apparatus to a stable stand having a height of more than 35cm, step onto the footstand with your heels kept together and your big toes and 5cm apart so that the pole can be positioned between the toes. Put your arms together and stretch until your finger tips touch the cursor. Then, bend your body gradually forward without bending your knees, so that the cursor is pushed downwards. Read the value at the point on the scale corresponding to the upper surface of the cursor and record it.

Features Measuring range: -20.0 to 35.0cm. Minimum measurement unit: 0.5cm. Dimensions: Approx. 292W x 378D x 607Hmm.



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