Takei 5004 Trunk Extension Meter

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The?Takei 5004 Trunk Extension Meter?is an analogue type measuring instrument to examine the backward flexibility of the body. For the trunk lift measurment requires two people, one measurer and one assistant. The testee lies with his (hers) face down, clasps the hands behind the waist and holds the legs apart so that the toes are about 45cm from each other. As shown in the picture the assistant places himself (herself) between the testee’s legs and hold the testee by the kneses with his knees and the thighs with his hands. Do not hold the testee down by the hip. The testee raises his chin as high as possibleTrunk Extension Meter by bending his upper bodygradually backward. The measurer measures the distance of the highest posistion of the chin from the floor. Features Measuring range: 10.0 to 80.0cm. Minimum measurement unit: 0.5cm. Dimensions: Approx. 160(W) ? 160(D) ? 817(H)mm. Weight: Approx. 0.5kg.

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