Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer Analogue

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The Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer is designed for measuring the flexion of the wrist and provides an accurate reading of grip strength.

Available with either an analogue (A5001) or digital (A5401) face, the Takei Dynamometer is also useful for estimating a general value for upper body strength. The dynamometer is a standard piece of equipment in most physiology testing labs and provides an easy and safe means of measuring muscular strength.

The Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer can be adjusted to fit a wide range of hand sizes and normative grip values are available from ages 10 to 70. Supplied with instructions on the correct protocols to produce accurate results.

The Takei range of hand grip and back and leg dynamometers are permanent features throughout the world’s universities as measures of static strength. Takei has manufactured products for well over 20 years, measuring physical fitness, aptitude, psychological and physiological parameters.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Instrument with a conventional resettable display Easy to read and interpret
  • Adjustable grip range scale Suitable for all hand sizes
  • Provides valuable, precise information on the maximum isometric strength of the hands and forearm muscles Can monitor and develop strength
  • Lightweight and portable

Box Includes:

  • Analogue Hand Grip Dynamometer
  • Takei A5001 IInstruction manual

Technical Specification:

  • Measuring Range : 0.0-100.0kg
  • Minimum Unit: 0.5 Kg
  • Accuracy:: 2 Kg or less
  • Dimensions: Approx. 154 W x 235D x 59 H mm
  • Product Weight Approx. : 0.62 Kg

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