Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

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3 Different Balls in 3 Different Hardness’s  Gray – Hard  Green – Medium  Blue – Soft  Finally you can stop using that hockey ball for targeted trigger point release.  Another in the kit bag tool. These balls are 6cm in diameter so don’t take up much space at all and can be used before and after exercise. Perfect to use with a foam roller too. Roll out and grind down with these balls. Use for acupressure massage or trigger point release.  How to use them Choose the ball as the hardness you need and position it at the point you want to massage. Then just roll over the ball where you want the release:  Lower back and glutes – Start seated Calves and thighs – try seated or lying down If you find the pressure too much on the floor, place the ball against a wall and roll over the point you want to target. This is great for the back and shoulders and traps. We DO NOT recommend these balls to people with back injuries or those who have back problems

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