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The Yo-Yo Test CD is easy to perform which will determine the fitness level of athletes and individuals. All you need is the CD, something to play it on and a marked out area that is 20 metres in distance.

This is a popular test often used by some of the best football and soccer teams from around the world.

How to perform the Yo Yo Test

  • Place two markers positioned 20 metres apart and a third another 5 metres apart. This can be in a sports hall, on a grassed area or something like a hockey pitch or Astroturf
  • Start the Yo-Yo Test CD and begin to run between the markers. The pace is then controlled by the beeps and the person taking the test runs like a yo-yo between the two set markers
  • The speed increases until the individual can no longer keep up with the pace set by the beeps.  The test ends once the participant can no longer keep with the beeps
  • The total distance covered during the test allows you to find out the fitness level achieved

The CD has 3 tests. Each of the tests has two levels that anyone can use, this is irrespective of training status or fitness. We recommend that Level 1 should be for those who perhaps don’t train that often. Or have perhaps had some time of inactivity. Level 2 is for regular exercisers and well-trained athletes. Each of the tests focuses on different aspects of physical performance and fitness.

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