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  • Blood Pressure Monitors

    Omron Large Cuff (32-42cm)

    £18.00 Inc. VAT
  • Roche Lactate Strips 25 strips
    Test Strips & Reagents

    Roche Accutrend Lactate Strips x 25

    £59.06 Inc. VAT
  • Tanita Thermal Paper
    Body Composition

    Tanita Thermal Paper

    £12.00£111.60 Inc. VAT
  • hand grip dynamometer
    Strength Dynamometers

    Takei Hand Grip Dynamometer

    £157.00£247.00 Inc. VAT
  • 30cm chester step test kit
    Chester Step Test

    Chester Step Test Kit

    £160.00 Inc. VAT
  • Chester Step Test Single Step (30cm/12inch)

    Chester Step Single Step

    £74.00 Inc. VAT
  • just jump mat
    Jumping Tests

    Just Jump Mat Jump Height and Timing System

    £740.00£790.00 Inc. VAT
  • Metal Sit and Reach Box
    Sit and Reach Boxes

    Sit and Reach Box

    £97.00£150.00 Inc. VAT
  • Breathing & Lung Function

    PowerLung Trainer Active Series – Green

    £96.00 Inc. VAT
  • BodyStat Electrodes (100 pack)
    Printer Paper & Electrodes

    Body Fat Testing Electrodes

    £14.40£136.80 Inc. VAT
  • Chester Step Test Calculator

    New Chester Step Test Calculator Software (CST2)

    £25.00£499.00 Inc. VAT
  • Test Strips & Reagents

    Reflotron CK Test Strips (15 Strips)

    Rated 0 out of 5
    £49.00 Inc. VAT
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