Fitness Testing Services

Health and fitness testing should be available to everyone not only the elite.

We help people just like you improve health as well as sporting performance. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior looking to best that 10K or half marathon. By taking better measurements, you can track progress and get better results. Whether your goal is health improvement, weight loss or improving performance in your sport. Knowing the numbers can help avoid wasted training time or diets and keep you on track. Evaluating your performance also ensures that you remain focused, determined and motivated.

We offer a variety of assessments to meet the needs of each. Our testing lab is entirely mobile so that we can bring everything to you or you can visit one of our test centres.

How we can help:

  • VO2 max assessment – the greatest amount of oxygen your body can utilise at high-intensity. From this, we can determine your anaerobic threshold. Heart rate training zones, energy expenditure and fuel source for a given heart rate.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test – Resting Metabolic Rate assessment measures your Calorie Burn and is ideal for anyone managing their weight. With this equipment, we can determine your resting metabolic rate and identify whether you have a fast or slow metabolism.
  • Health Screening – Our new health screening is available to keep you at your best. We can quickly measure a range of risk factors which can affect health. If you’re an athlete, then some of these can also affect sports performance.
  • Lactate Profiling – the point before lactate begins to accumulate in the muscles. We can then determine optimal training intensities based on heart rate. This is an excellent way to track improvement and progress in training.
  • Ultrasound Body Composition – assessment of % body fat and muscle thickness using ultrasound.

You can hire our equipment and a sports scientist to provide in-depth training for your staff. Or you can choose to hire our sports scientist’s services for the day.

To discuss your requirements in detail, please contact us now on 01244 343106.